Self Tapes

Step-by-Step Guide to Self Taping Your TV, Film or Commercial Audition from Nike Imoru on Vimeo.



Self Tape Guidelines:

Here are the guidelines for taped submissions.  PLEASE NOTE, talent will need to travel to Spokane for Producer Callbacks.

Only If we selected them to audition/schedule them on CN (read below) and they live in Spokane, LA or Portland then they can do self tapes even though we personally like in person auditions. They can’t self tape if their just out of town and live here in Seattle.
  • Only Talent who are invited to submit an audition by tape can do so 
  • Unsolicited audition tapes will be deleted
  • In order for Nike and producers to view the tape, the actor MUST have a live reader. Auditions will be disqualified otherwise
  • Once filmed, the actor should submit the link/file only, to dropbox link: (
  • Talent should SLATE: NAME, AGENCY, ROLE, clearly please.
  • Talent should pan up and down the body ONCE.
  • The scene should be shot in medium frame.
  • Include 2 takes
  • If using an iphone make certain the phone is in a horizonal position.
  • Auditions that are sent to other email/drop boxes in error will not accepted