Nike Imoru is a Master Teacher and Actor’s Coach. She combines her training and background as a theatre scholar, actor, director and casting director for screen actors and has recently developed “The Actor’s Tool Kit”: a coaching and actor’s process that helps the actors to recall and practice -to immediate effect- both the fundamental tools of acting for the camera, as well as the ability to improve their sensory perception and responses. The Actor’s Toolkit  supports the actor to  bring the best performance to the moment they are in. It is a simple process that can be utilized by actors in all levels of their career.

The Actor’s Toolkit works equally well for any one who finds themselves dealing with eliminate nerves, anxiety, doubts and that ‘cop in the head’, a term employed by theatre practitioner Augusto Boal, to describe the chronic feeling we all have of being policed by our minds, to negative and detrimental effect on our psyche, well being and performance.  For actors, this ‘cop’ rears most fearfully during auditions. The actors toolkit will  soon be ‘shipped’ to anyone who wants to experience the actor’s process in their own  real life and working  contexts. Corporate inquiries please send email to: