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Words of Wisdom from The Casting Director


    When I met Z Nation producers for Season 2, they had some criticisms about  the casting process for Z Nation, Season 1. It was to be expected and, in truth, it was to be welcomed and dreaded at one and […]

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  • For Artists the struggle is not always financial

    One of the most  fascinating things for me to observe in an Actor  is the  dance of self-doubt and the degree to which we will lie to ourselves. It often takes a coach (or a therapist, yes) to unmask the […]

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  • CD’s Purpose

    I am  driven by Passion and Purpose. While Passion alone (in any context) is what so many  artists are propelled by, it is really our sense of Purpose that keeps us on task and brings us desired results. That said, […]

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  • A Good Headshot: Holy Grail of ‘The Biz’

    “Er….which headshot should I use?”

    It  is my season for headshots  and online profiles. Between mid-March and the end of April I reviewed close to 3000 headshots  and resumes for Sy Fy’s  Z Nation Season 2.

    What makes a good headshot for […]

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  • Waiting …

    It has been an extraordinary month for Nike Imoru Casting. On February 23rd 2025 CD launched the Seattle casting office. On March 2nd,  Jodi Binstock and Steve Graham, Producers at Go2Digital,  contacted CD with an invitation to be the Key […]

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  • Remove every actor and every acting ‘urge’ from the planet and what is left?

    This week LA Agents and Managers have asked me many a question and offered me many an opinion!  It is to be expected. I  am, after all, the ‘new girl’ on the LA block. (Some have even questioned that) I […]

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  • Our Region.

    noun: regionalism; plural noun: regionalisms
     the theory or practice of regional rather than central systems of administration or economic, cultural, or political affiliation.

    Nike Imoru,CSA and Casting Assistants, Film Day, Olympia, WA March 17th 2015 (L-R: Margaretta Campagna; LA casting, Monika […]

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  • SyFy’s Z Nation. Season 2. Casting By…

    (We interrupt part 2 of “How I became a Casting Director” to make an altogether more thrilling announcement!)
    Nike Imoru Casting  is ecstatic to be the key  casting director for Season 2 of  SyFy’s Z Nation!  The casting team and I […]

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  • How I Became a Casting Director – PART 1

    I became a casting director quite by accident. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    I knew nothing about casting for  film or tv. In my mind casting directors lived with the Gods and rarely descended unto earth, […]

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