Nike Imoru, CSA

For the last decade Nike has worked in the Northwest casting commercials, industrial videos, documentaries, theatre and, in the last six years, twenty full-length feature films. Read her full bio.

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The Casting Director

Nike Imoru combines her gift for casting with her profound understanding of talent , to create outstanding service, every time….. CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE FOR CURRENT CASTING CALLBOARD OPPORTUNITIES

The Coach

She is the Ultimate Actor’s Coach because she confidently unlocks the actor’s potential. Nike has an innate understanding of the actor. She knows the actor’s core and is passionate about the multiple and unique imprints of that core.

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The Actress

“A riveting actress named Nike Imoru, … simmering with intelligence, vibrating at a different frequency, hyper-alive. This, along with her masterful diction” ~ Seattle Weekly

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The Architect

I am very proud to partner with my Casting Associate Jennifer Gatts. I call her The Architect because she takes the ideas and visions of The Alchemist and effortlessly translates them into exquisite forms - every time!

Words of Wisdom from The Casting Director

We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat. They do not exist. ~ Queen Victoria