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  • Headshots! It’s a Process … Even for the Casting Director.

    I have a Trainer, a Life Coach, my ‘Lady Doctor’, a Dentist, a Lawyer, a Naturopath. I don’t have a personal shopper, but I do have a BFF and a Spiritual Counsellor. During my last photoshoot I acknowledged that I […]

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  • My Story. My Type. How 10 Actors Cast Themselves To Perfection In A Short Film

    In times like these I’m certain that every artist is stymied when bloodshed and battery shatter into our daily lives and leave our hearts in shards and  pieces.
    But after a positively mind-altering on-camera bootcamp weekend, (July 9-10th) my shattered heart […]

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  • An Embarrassing Confession … (By A Patron Saint!)

    One day whilst preparing to teach a practical class (acting class) with my flagship group at the University of Hull, in Yorkshire, England I suddenly stopped and allowed myself to see the wall of  18-20somethings standing in front of me.   […]

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  • Standing Up For My Self

    “I was at the Academy of Motion Pictures HQ the other day and…
    … and  Juliet Taylor CSA, casting director extraordinaire was being interviewed about her illustrious career as a casting director. Ms Taylor has cast 40 of Woody Allen’s film […]

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  • The Power in Limitation

     …today I recognize that the very  limitations and contrasts that provoked a sense of futility, fear, doubt, even depression at times, yes, also provoked my imagination and  artistic sensibilities to awaken and thrive. 
    As an Artist I discovered my sense of true […]

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  • Say It Loud….


    As a black, female, casting director, actress, director, for stage and screen, it’s … interesting to observe the current furore around #oscarssowhite.
    From this English woman’s perspective: “we are quite Bemused”!   Finally, a clamorous  noise is being made in Hollywood.  […]

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    When I met Z Nation producers for Season 2, they had some criticisms about  the casting process for Z Nation, Season 1. It was to be expected and, in truth, it was to be welcomed and dreaded at one and […]

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  • For Artists the struggle is not always financial

    One of the most  fascinating things for me to observe in an Actor  is the  dance of self-doubt and the degree to which we will lie to ourselves. It often takes a coach (or a therapist, yes) to unmask the […]

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  • CD’s Purpose

    I am  driven by Passion and Purpose. While Passion alone (in any context) is what so many  artists are propelled by, it is really our sense of Purpose that keeps us on task and brings us desired results. That said, […]

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  • A Good Headshot: Holy Grail of ‘The Biz’

    “Er….which headshot should I use?”

    It  is my season for headshots  and online profiles. Between mid-March and the end of April I reviewed close to 3000 headshots  and resumes for Sy Fy’s  Z Nation Season 2.

    What makes a good headshot for […]

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